I. Choose the part that needs correcting.

1. The police asks me what my name was.

A. asks B. me C. what D. my name was

2. The meal that Ms. Lan is cooking in the kitchen is smelling delicious.

A. that B. is cooking C. the D. is smelling

3. Mary was drying the dishes when she was dropping the plate.

A. was B. drying C. when D. was dropping

4. Linh wishes she had a bigger house and can buy a car.

A. wishes B. had C. can D. buy

5. Jack always arrives late for his school and he leaves his house very early.

A. arrives B. late C. and D. early

6. Doing homework are a good way to remember lessons.

A. doing B. are C. way D. lessons

7. The dentist said me to brush 2 times a day and not to eat candy.

A. said me B. to brush C. 2 times a day D. not to eat

8. The next important assignment we must to do is to buy some vegetables from the market.

A. The next B. must to C. to buy D. from

II. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

1. What do you _____ do in your free time? (Usual)

2. It’s _____ to wear T-shirts and faded jeans. (Fashion)

3. We started our trip in a _____ morning. (Beauty)

4. Traveling by airplane is fast and _____. (Convenience)

5. The _____ of my relatives caused trouble to my family. (Arrive)

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