I. Supply the correct tense, Simple Present or Present Continuous of the verbs.

1. Remember to lock the window. The rain (come) _____ in now.

2. My classmates (travel) _____ to Ha Long next week.

3. I (go) _____ to sleep early yesterday because I was tired.

4. My dad seldom (cook) _____ for us in the morning.

5. Be quiet! The teacher (look) _____ at you!

II. Complete each sentence with one of these verbs:

Write, cut, use, give, make, watch, work, answer

(Hãy hoàn thành mỗi câu sau với một trong những động từ sau với đúng dạng thức đúng của nó).

1. My kids tried to avoid _____ my question.

2. Have you finished _____ grass yet?

3. Can you tell her please stop _____ noises?

4. She’s put off _____ the letter so many times.

5. We don’t mind you _____ the car.

6. I consider _____ Trang a new lipstick for her birthday.

7. We enjoy _____ boxing matches.

8. Quang has the cancer but he wants to carry on _____.

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