I. Read the following passage and choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

   I had been ___ (1) ___ for six weeks so I thought it was time to look for a job. I had no qualifications, but I was ___ (2) ___ that my personal qualities, my charm, and ___ (3) ___ would get me any job that I applied for. I had had a varied background, with wide experience of lots of different occupations and I was prepared to carry out any task that an employer gave me. At the first place I went to, the interviewer looked at my clothes and hair, and said, “I cannot ___ (4) ___ you a job. We expect our employees to show a ___ (5) ___ attitude to their work. Come back when you are tidier and better qualified.”

Number 1.

A. employ     B. employed C. employee D. unemployed

Number 2.

A. confident B. confidence C. confide D. confidently

Number 3.

A. enthuse  B. enthusiast C. enthusiasm D. enthusiastic

Number 4.

A. offer B. apply C. persuade D. submit

Number 5.

A. profession B. professional C. professionally D. professor

II. Rewrite each of the following sentences in reported speech. Using the words given.

1. “Please stay for a few more days,” She said to Marine.

=> She urged Marine ______________.

2. “Remember to lock the door,” she said to me.

=> She reminded me ______________.

3. “I’ll wait for you in front of the cinema,” he said to me.

=> He promised ___________________.

4. “Can you lend me 5 dollars?” Phong said to me.

=> He asked me ___________________.

5. “We imagine we’ll see Oliver at the party,” They said to me.

=> They hope _____________________.

6. “Would you like to have coffee with me?” Trinh said to me.

=> Trinh invited me ________________.

7. “You’d better spend more time learning to read,” I said to Tuan.

=> I advised Tuan __________________.

8. “Do you want me to help you with the gardening, Hung?” Ngoc said.

=> Ngoc offered ____________________.

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