I. Choose the best answer.

1. He’s so proud _____ his son for the prize.

A. to B. for C. with D. of

2. People _____ live in this planet should protect it.

A. who B. whom C. which D. Ø

3. How often _____ your car serviced since you bought it?

A. do you get B. did you get
C. have you gotten D. had you gotten 

4. This is the first time I _____ to your country. Everything is new. 

A. are going B. were  C. have been D. will go

5. The house beside us is very noisy, _____ makes sleeping difficult.

A. that B. which C. what D. it

6. The port is capable _____ handing 10 million tons of coal a year.

A. of B. on C. in D. for

7. When I arrived at the airport, the plane _____ off. I missed the flight.

A. took B. had taken C. was taking D. was taken

8. “The wind is so strong with those dark clouds”! Yes, It seems it _____ in a few minutes.”

A. is going to rain B. will rain C. is raining  D. rains

II. Fill in the blank with the verbs in the correct tense of the passive.

1. Those bags _____ (steal) if you aren’t careful.

2. A lot of trees _____ (cut down) by loggers last week.

3. All metals and glasses now _____ (collect) in a big box.

4. The barber kept trying to talk to me while my hair _____ (cut).

5. When we came to the match, the home team _____ (beat) by 2 to 0.

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