I. Choose the part that needs correcting.

1. You must leave if your dad phone.

A. must B. leave C. if D. phone

2. The supermarket is 5 kilometers to here.

A. supermarket B. is C. 5 kilometers D. to

3. Everybody felt hungry and tired but they sat down and took a rest.

A. felt B. but C. sat D. took

4. In the past, jeans wore mostly by working people.

A. In B. wore C. mostly D. by

5. When she is on vacation last year, she went to the flower garden every day.

A. is  B. on C. went D. every day

II. Complete the sentences by using reported speech.

1. “We were very tired,” they said.

– They said that ____________________.

2. “I’m very busy. I’ll phone you tomorrow,” he said.

– He said that ______________________.

3. “Can you speak Vietnamese?” Nga asked.

– Nga asked _______________________.

4. “Where have you lost your key?” my mom asked me.

– My mom asked me ________________.

5. “Put on your raincoats,” Our teacher told us.

– Our teacher told us ________________.

6. “Does Alex know you?” She wanted to know.

– She wanted to know _______________.

7. “Don’t forget to sign the form,” The doctor said to me.

– The doctor reminded me ___________.

8. “Where did you spend your holiday last week?” she asked me.

– She asked me _____________________.

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