I. Choose the best answer.

1. Please let me _____ your decision as soon as possible.

A. know B. to know C. knows D. knowing

2. Mary said, “I dislike _____ him anymore in my life.”

A. to see B. seeing C. sees D. to seeing

3. I am _____ to come to your party on Sunday evening.

A. capable B. excused C. able D. disliked

4. _____ lemonade, you need lemons, water and sugar.

A. Make B. Making C. To make D. Made

5. Trung _____ the test online before so he _____ it very easy.

A. did/ had found B. had done/ found
C. was doing/ found D. did/ was founding

II. Give the correct form of the given words to complete the following sentences.

1. We’d like to offer you a _____. (Scholar)

2. What is the _____ between a duck and a goose? (Differ)

3. The charity has raised over $10 million in generous _____. (Donate)

4. We participate in a campaign to provide _____ for poor children. (Educate)

5. Tens of thousands of people have been made _____ by heavy flooding. (Home)

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