I. Choose the best answer.

1. I am eager _____ Australia.

A. to visit B. visit C. visiting D. visited

2. They are _____ for their grandparents.

A. paying attention B. looking C. caring D. taking care

3. I have no objection _____ your story again.

A. hearing B. being heard C. to hear D. to hearing

4. No one can prevent you _____ anything.

A. to learn B. from learning C. of learning D. learn

5. We saw some children _____ into the swimming pool.

A. to jump B. jumping C. to be jumped D. being jumped

II. Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question.

Preparing A Dinner Party

  Giving a dinner party is a wonderful way of entertain people. You can also make new friends and give others the chance to get to know each other better.

   It needs planning, though. First, make a guest list, with different kinds of people and a mixture of women and men. Don’t invite couples because they aren’t so much fun.

   When you know who can come, find out what they like to eat and drink. Note down any who are vegetarians, or who can’t eat or drink certain things for religious reasons.

   Then plan their menu. Include the first course, a choice of main courses and a dessert, plus lots of people’s favorite drinks.

   The next thing to do is shopping. Make sure to buy more than enough of everything, and that someone can help you carry it!

   On the day, start cooking early. Give people appetizers like Greek mezze or Spanish tapas, so they don’t get hungry if they have to wait. Serve the delicious meal, sit down with your guests and have a good time – you’ve earned it!

1. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the purpose of giving a dinner party?

A. to entertain people. B. to get people to know more about their hosts.
C. to make new friends. D. to help people to know each other better.

2. When giving a dinner party, you should NOT invite _____.

A. husbands and wives B. those who are vegetarians
C. both women and men D. those who can’t drink beer

3. The menu should include these EXCEPT _____.

A. a first course B. a dessert C. a supper D. main courses

4. According to the passage, starters should be served _____.

A. because the guests want to have a good time together B. because the guests like eating them
C. because the guests want to eat them while having to wait D. because the guests may be hungry while having to wait

5. What should you do while the guests are having their evening meal?

A. Stand beside the guests without doing anything. B. Sit down with the guests and have a good time.
C. Sit down with the guests to show your politeness. D. Only serve the guests with the food.

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