I. Choose the best answer.

1. Non La is the _____ hat of Vietnamese women.

A. workable B. fashionable C. traditional D. casual

2. Have you ever ridden an elephant yet? – Yes, I’ve _____ ridden it.

A. already B. yet C. since D. for

3. Asian people love eating rice. Rice _____ in many parts of Asia.

A. is grown B. are grown C. has grown D. have grown

4. My house _____ into last night but nothing was taken.

A. is break B. was broken C. were broken D. broke

5. I am very _____ wearing shorts.

A. like  B. love C. enjoy D. fond of

II. Choose the part that needs correcting.

1. A new style of shoes have just been introduced in the show.

A. new B. have C. introduced D. in

2. She was listening to music in TV when I came.

A. was listening B. in TV C. when D. I came

3. We arrived the nearest station after walk for an hour.

A. arrived B. nearest C. walk D. for an hour

4. It’s been 2 months sincehave stopped smoking.

A. It’s been B. since C. have stopped D. smoking

5. Three million can of soda will be recycled in China next year.

A. can B. soda C. be recycled D. next

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