I. Choose the correct answer.

1. There are many _____ for tourists in my country.

A. attracts B. attractings C. attractive D. attractions

2. Do you know when _____?

A. did he born B. he was born C. was he born D. born was he

3. I _____ go to Thailand next year.

A. need B. should  C. may D. want

4. She often flies to Singapore _____ Malaysia for work.

A. and B. also C. but D. with

5. He _____ in China.

A. grow up B. growed up C. grew up D. grows up

6. I’m glad _____ you are better now.

A. to hear B. hearing C. hear D. heard

7. Our manager said: “There is a very _____ meeting today.”

A. famous B. important C. clever D. fine

8. A: Would you like meat or seafood? 

 – B: I _____ seafood to meat.

A. like B. want C. wish D. prefer

II. Choose the right form of the verbs in brackets to finish the sentences.

Dennis Heal (1. be) _____ born in 1930 and he now (2. be) _____ a politician. He (3. go) _____ to Oxford University in 1950 and (4. become) _____ a member of Parliament for the Labor Party in 1957.He (5. write) _____ three storybooks including his autobiography. He (6. marry) _____ the artist, Anda Heal, and they (7. have) _____ two children. They (8. live) _____ in Oxford for 15 years, then (9. move) _____ to London in 1970. They now (10. live) _____ in a small house in the center of London.

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