I. Chọn đáp án đúng.

1. My father often _____ the buffalo to the field early in the morning.

A. plows B. leads C. harrows D. plants

2. Eating _____ vegetables is very good for your health.

A. few B. little C. much D. a lot of

3. Jenny _____ a lot of flowers in her garden.

A. plows B. harrows C. grows D. feeds

4. Wild animals are _____ danger.

A. in B. on C. up  D. at

5. Please _____ your trash in a trashcan.

A. put B. to put C. putting D. you put

6. This film is very _____.

A. easy-looking B. beautiful C. hard-working D. interesting

7. Roses are very good _____ arranging flowers.

A. at B. on C. to D. in

8. Where does the _____ come from?

A. pollute B. pollution C. polluting D. polluted

9. Her brother is busy at the moment. He _____ in the bedroom.

A. studies B. study C. studying D. is studying

10. There _____ any cheese.

A. haven’t B. aren’t C. hasn’t D. isn’t

II. Chọn từ đúng để điền vào chỗ trống.

A: What (1) _____ doing?

B: (2) _____ a book. (3) _____ many books?

A: No, I (4) _____ book, but I like good films.

B: Yes, I like (5) _____, too.

Number 1.

A. are you B. you are C. you D. is you

Number 2.

A. I reading B. am reading C. I’m reading D. I read

Number 3.

A. you  B. are you read C. you reading D. do you read

Number 4.

A. no like B. don’t like C. doesn’t like D. like not

Number 5.

A. them  B. they C. it D. him

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