I. You have to read the situation and then write a suitable sentence. Use the verb given and present perfect tense.

1. Mr. Tan was 70 kilograms. Now he weighs 60. (Lose weight)

– Mr. Tan ________________________.

2. Ngoc’s bike was dirty. Now it is clean. (Wash)

– Ngoc __________________________.

3. Ms. Nga is calling Tu. He isn’t at home. (go out)

– Tu ____________________________.

4. Yesterday Lam was playing football. Now his leg is hurt. (Break)

– Lam ___________________________.

5. My motorbike has just stopped because there isn’t any gas in the tank. (Run out of petrol)

– My motorbike __________________.

II. Choose the best answer.

1. There were _____ decorations that I couldn’t decide what to buy.

A. so many B. so few C. so little D. so much

2. Please turn _____ the computer when you’ve finished the report.

A. on B. off C. in D. over

3. A: “I don’t think technology will replace schools”.

 – B: __________.

A. so do I B. I do, too C. Neither do I D. I do either

4. That printer is _____ guarantee so the company will repair it.

A. on B. in C. off D. under

5. Would you _____ making dinner for me?

A. like B. please  C. mind D. rather

6. my father is _____ than my mother.

A. the stricter B. the strictest C. strict D. stricter

7. I _____ you when I come home.

A. call B. will call C. called D. has called

8. They have bought this house since they _____ here.

A. came B. come C. will come D. coming

9. Nowadays, First-year students _____ to have access to a computer.

A. are requiring B. are required C. have required  D. will required

10. We went to the supermarket without _____ anything.

A. buy B. to buy C. bought D. buying

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