I. Choose the correct answer.

1. I am going to the _____ park.

A. amuse B. amusing C. amusement D. B & C

2. She has a lot of housework _____ at home.

A. to do B. do C. doing D. does

3. Trung often _____ an hour a day practicing the guitar.

A. takes B. has C. spends D. uses

4. They _____ to buy some new books tomorrow.

A. will B. go C. will be D. are going

5. Do you like to _____ video games, Thanh? – Yes, I do.

A. do B. play C. go D. study

6. Do you know that video games may be _____?

A. addicted B. addiction C. addictive D. added

7. _____ people use Facebook.

A. Millions B. Millions of C. Million of D. Million

8. It can _____.

A. fly B. flies C. flying D. to fly

II. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

1. Be careful! The taxi (come) _____.

2. Kids shouldn’t (spend) _____ too much time to play video games.

3. I (go) _____ to the cinema and (have) _____ chicken last night.

4. Vy (sell) _____ her old phone and (buy) _____ a new one a week ago.

5. Because Tam has a lot of free time so he likes (watch) _____ Youtube videos.

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