I. Choose the best answer.

1. Ho Chi Minh city has a population _____ over 9 million.

A. in B. of C. for D. with

2. The city has grown enormously since its _____ in 1982.

A. found B. founding C. foundation D. founder

3. Ha Long is a city _____ many people travel to.

A. which B. that C. whose D. where

4. I didn’t get a promotion, I don’t know the reason _____.

A. which B. that C. why D. when

5. In the novel by Peters, _____ the main character is a teenager.

A. who the film is based on B. on which the film is based
C. on that the film is based D. that the film is based on

6. Justin _____ 10 movies and I think his latest is the best.

A. made B. had made C. has made D. was making

7. She listens to classical music for _____.

A. rest B. ease C. happiness D. relaxation

8. I think the _____ for the title between the best teams in the country will be very fierce.

A. competing B. competitive C. competence D. competition

9. Some giant trees have fallen down because of the strong storm last night.

A. very big B. very deep C. very tiny D. very narrow

10. People often come to the countrysides to _____ from city noise and traffic on the weekends.

A. get away B. get out of C. get over D. get off

II. Join each pair of sentences using the word in brackets.

1. He lost a lot of blood. He is in a stable condition. (In spite of) 


2. Tuan failed his final exam. He helped Loan pass it. (Though)


3. We got water from the river. We knew it was polluted. (Although)


4. The villagers refuse to leave. The storm is coming. (Despite) 


5. The hot weather. They went jogging in the park. (Even though) 


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