I. Rewrite these following sentences using the words given.

1. Do you have some money?

– She asked me ____________________.

2. Is there a pen in your bag?

– He asked me _____________________.

3. Do you use lipsticks?

– I asked her ______________________.

4. Does your house have 3 beds?

– I asked him ______________________.

5. Is there some water in the fridge?

– I asked them _____________________.

II. Choose the best answer.

1. Millions of books _____ every year.

A. were sold B. is selling C. sell D. are sold

2. That house _____ 200 years ago.

A. are built B. built C. were built D. build

3. Tom told me where _____ it.

A. to find B. finding C. for finding D. finds

4. The shelf can’t _____.

A. be open B. be opened C. be opening D. opened

5. All of the students participated _____ decorations for their classroom.

A. to make B. for making C. in making D. of making

6. Don’t forget _____ the house before going out.

A. to lock B. locking C. lock D. locked

7. Linh wants _____ where to buy milk tea.

A. to know B. knowing C. to knowing D. know

8. These ancient buildings are part of the national _____.

A. resources B. heritage C. belongings D. possession

9. I saw Jane while I _____ the street.

A. crossed B. is crossing C. cross D. was crossing

10. I saw him _____ the flowers in the garden.

A. watering B. watered C. be watered D. is watering

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