I. Choose the best answer.

1. I’d like to visit Tokyo, _____ of Japan.

A. a capital B. which the capital is
C. that is the capital D. the capital

2. _____ you have a piece of cake? – “Thank you”.

A. Will B. Would C. Can D. Do

3. The film tells the remarkable story of _____ actor.

A. a disabled B. the disabled C. disabled D. an disabled

4. We _____ football together when we were kids.

A. played B. have played C. had played D. were playing

5. Britain has not lifted the _____ since it last hosted the event.

A. prize B. award C. trophy D. victory

6. How many countries took part in the first World Cup?

A. interested B. participated C. competed D. co-operated

7. Tina _____ 8 songs and I think her latest is the best.

A. composed B. had composed
C. has composed D. was composing

8. This suitcase is so heavy, I _____ it for you. Give it to me.

A. carry B. carried C. am carrying D. will carry

9. “Have you ever met the man _____ over there?” – “Yes, he is our new teacher.”

A. sits B. sitting C. is sitting D. sat

10. In this movie, the main _____ is talented, handsome and comes from a rich family.

A. actor B. director C. composer D. character

II. Identify the mistake in these sentences.

1. The sky is getting really dark and it will storm.

A. the sky B. is getting C. and D. will

2. You should place this picture very careful on the wall.

A. place B. this picture C. careful D. on

3. The noises from the road next to my house made me tiredly.

A. noises B. next to C. made D. tiredly

4. Jane has finished school by next summer, so we are going to visit her.

A. has finished B. by C. are going to D. visit

5. They are going to study tonight until they will finish this chapter.

A. are going to B. study C. until D. will finish

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