I. Choose the correct answer to fill in each blank.

1. _____ does Huy often do on Saturdays? – He often goes camping.

A. When B. Why C. Where D. What

2. In Vietnam, the weather is very cool _____ the fall.

A. at B. from C. on D. in

3. _____ is the hottest time of the year.

A. Winter B. Spring C. Autumn D. Summer

4. We _____ chess at the moment.

A. play B. plays C. are playing D. is playing

5. When it’s cold, I often _____ at home listening to music.

A. get B. go C. stay D. be

6. _____ weather does she like?

A. When B. How C. Why D. What

7. There _____ a lot of food in the fridge, enjoy it.

A. be B. is C. are D. were

8. _____ we all have a walk in the country?

A. Let’s B. Will C. How about D. Why not

II. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given.

1. What is Nam’s height?

=> How _________________________?

2. Huong is a good student.

=> Huong studies ________________.

3. What is your brother’s age?

=> How _________________________?

4. How nice the room is!

=> What ________________________!

5. Does your classroom have thirty students?

=> Are __________________________?

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