I. Choose the best answer.

1. Could you let me have the bill for the car _____?

A. to repair B. repair C. repairing D. repaired

2. It was almost as if the wolf was _____ of us than we were of it.

A. scared B. scareder C. more scared D. as scared

3. Go _____ this road you will see the bank on your right.

A. along B. off C. out D. up

4. In _____ 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam won 158 _____ gold medals.

A. Ø/ the B. the/ Ø C. a/ the D. the/ the

5. _____ you prepare for your exams, _____ you will do.

A. The harder/ the better B. The more/ the much
C. The hardest/ the best D. The more hard/ the more good

6. Bill Gates used to be one of the _____ people in the world.

A. rich B. richer C. richest D. richly

7. Choose the sentence that has the same meaning as the given one.

 – “As she gets older, she wants to travel more”.

A. She’s getting older and older, so she doesn’t want to travel more. B. The more she gets old, the less she wants to travel
C. She doesn’t want to travel because of her old age. D. The older she gets, the more she wants to travel.

8. If something _____ up, phone me immediately and I will support you.

A. picks B. comes C. keeps D. brings

9. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

A. snow B. spirit C. sugar D. silver

10. The ASEAN Para-Games is a biannual multi-sport _____ held after every Southeast Asian Games for athletes with physical disabilities.

A. games B. event C. work D. situation

II. Complete the sentences using the structure comparative + and + comparative.

1. Alena got _____ in her job after all. (Tired)

2. The suitcase seemed to get _____ as I pulled it. (Heavy)

3. When I waited for my test, I became _____. (Nervous)

4. The factory expanded rapidly. It grew _____ all the time. (Big)

5. Nowadays, finding a job is becoming _____. (Difficult)

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