I. Choose the correct answer to fill in each blank.

1. Mr. Ha feels sick because he drank too _____ alcohol last night.

A. a lot of B. many C. much D. little

2. My sister doesn’t like seafood and _____.

A. either do I B. neither do I C. neither I do D. I don’t too

3. Quang _____ a box of chocolate.

A. often gives Chi B. gives often Chi
C. often Chi gives D. to Chi often gives

4. We have enough rice in the house, so we needn’t _____ to the market tomorrow.

A. to go B. will go C. go D. going

5. I divided the cake _____ several girls.

A. next B. between  C. in front D. among

6. They would like _____ some vegetables.

A. buying B. to buy C. buy D. A & B

7. My brother didn’t wash the dishes but my sister _____.

A. did B. didn’t C. do D. was

8. She can speak Chinese very well and _____ can her brother.

A. so B. too C. either D. neither

II. Match each sentence in A with the correct sentence in B.


1. I’m thirsty.

2. I’m hungry.

3. I’m tired.

4. I’m hot.

5. It’s Sunday and I’m bored.

6. I don’t have any money.

7. It’s winter and I’m cold.

8. I don’t have a pet.

9. There isn’t any meat in the fridge.

10. What would you like for dessert?


A. I’d like to go to bed.

B. I’d like to go swimming.

C. I’d like to have a cat.

D. I’d like to be near the fire.

E. I’d like to have some pork.

F. I’d like to go out with my friends.

G. I’d like an orange.

H. I’d like to be a millionaire

I. I’d like a cold drink.

J. I’d like a sandwich.

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