I. Chọn đáp án đúng.

1. _____ sports does Nam play? – He plays soccer.

A. Which B. Why C. Who D. Where

2. They sometimes _____ the kites in the summer.

A. play B. go C. fly D. run

3. My father is _____ the magazine.

A. seeing B. looking C. watching  D. reading

4. Lan often _____ her neighbor’s baby.

A. listens B. takes care of C. practices D. paints

5. I play _____ in the evenings.

A. the piano B. piano C. a piano D. an piano

6. How often do you go on vacation? –__________.

A. I go to the beach  B. Twice a year
C. I like going shopping D. I visit museums

7. Tuan _____ nice photos.

A. does B. makes C. plays D. takes

8. We _____ tennis at the moment.

A. play B. are playing C. to play D. playing

9. I don’t watch TV very much. I _____ watch TV.

A. seldom  B. usually C. always D. often

10. In my _____ time, I go to evening classes to study drawing.

A. spare B. free C. blank D. A & B

II. Mỗi câu sau có một lỗi sai. Tìm và viết lại câu đúng xuống bên dưới.

1. She never have a party with us.


2. My brother is so good on Math.


3. How many sugar does she want?


4. We have a cup of coffee at the moment.


5. Can you to go to the market for me?


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