I. Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

1. I _____ (Person) prefer pizza to hamburgers.

2. _____ (Drive) must be careful when driving on the road.

3. We wish them every _____ (Happy) in their new life.

4. I felt extremely _____ (Disappoint) when we lost.

5. People are destroying the air by adding _____ (Pollute) to it.

6. We put a lot of _____ (Decorate) around the Christmas tree.

7. Nobody in the office had received an _____ (Invite) to the party.

8. The days before New Year Eve is are always filled with _____ (Excite).

9. _____ (Friend) based on trust and understanding is long-lasting.

10. Tet is a _____ (Tradition) holiday which occurs in late January and early February.

II. Rewrite the following sentences by reducing the relative pronouns.

1. My brother works in a factory that makes furniture.

=> My brother works __________________.

2. The student who I wanted to meetwas absent last week.

=> The student _______________________.

3. Do you know the woman who is staying at the counter?

=> Do you know ______________________.

4. The tenth applicant who was interviewed was completely unsuitable.

=> The tenth applicant _________________.

5. What was the name of the girl who you went out with yesterday?

=> What was the name of the girl _______.

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