I. Choose the best answer.

1. You look nervous, what makes you _____?

A. scary B. scare C. scaring D. scared

2. _____ to music is a great way to relax.

A. To listen B. Listening C. Listen D. Listened

3. I bought this new software _____ Chinese.

A. for learning B. learning C. learn D. to learn

4. _____ is traditional music from a particular country, region, or community.

A. Blues B. Rap music C. Folk music D. Jazz

5. ‘Tien Quan Ca’, the Viet Nam national _____ was written by Van Cao.

A. folk song B. anthem C. epic D. pop song

6. If you _____ me all your problems, I won’t do anything to help you.

A. don’t tell B. not tell C. did not tell D. telling

7. Would you please remember _____ away the trash for me.

A. putting B. to put C. put D. having put 

8. The staffs are working at weekend _____ delay the project any further.

A. so that not to B. not to
C. so as not to D. for not

9. Do you think Maria will apply for the job? – She seemed _____ in it.

A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. interestingly

10. After several hours of discussion, the council finally agree _____ the plan.

A. with B. to C. in D. for

II. Choose the suitable word to fill in the blank.

Lull – emotions – musical – rock and roll – composed

1. Love, joy, hate, fear, and jealousy are all _____.

2. The sound from the radio will _____ him to sleep soon.  

3. _____ is a type of music that was popular in the 1950s.

4. This song was _____ by Alan Walker.

5. Playing _____ instrument can make a lot of money.

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