I. Choose the best answer.

1. Seldom _____ each other anymore.

A. we have seen B. do we see C. we do see D. we see

2. _____ by my teacher, I was very sad.

A. Scolded B. Scolding C. To scold D. Be scolded

3. We could make better _____ of our energy resources.

A. spend B. limit C. need D. use

4. Neil Armstrong was the first man who _____ on the moon.

A. walk B. walked C. walking D. walks

5. The girl _____ the glasses is my daughter.

A. who is wearing B. that is wearing
C. wearing D. All are correct

6. He was the last person _____ away by the flood.

A. to wash B. who washed C. being washed D. to be washed

7. “Do you know the man _____ basketball over there?” – “No. Who is he?”

A. plays B. is playing
C. playing D. who he is playing

8. He has _____ extensive research into renewable energy sources.

A. carried out B. turned on C. taken over D. cared for

9. Nellie Ross of Wyoming was the first woman _____ governor in the United State.

A. who elected B. to be elected
C. was elected D. her election as

10. Mary was the first applicant _____ for a managerial position in that company.

A. to interview B. interviewing
C. to be interviewed D. which is interviewed

II. Rewrite the following sentences, replace the relative clauses by present or past participle phrases or using to infinitive.

1. Loan is the girl. I went out with her.

=> ________________________________.

2. Nga is the girl. I have introduced to you about her.

=> ________________________________.

3. That is the house. My dad lived in it when he was young.

=> ________________________________.

4. This is the company. We used to work for it.

=> ________________________________.

5. The sound of the rain sounds really interesting. You are listening to it.

=> ________________________________.

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