I. Choose the best answer.

1. Would you like _____ some drinks now?

A. order B. to order C. ordering D. ordered

2. The house was locked _____.

A. an hour ago by Linh B. with Linh an hour ago
C. by Linh an hour ago D. in an hour ago by Linh

3. Last night, a tornado _____ through my village.

A. swept B. has swept C. had swept D. sweeps

4. A: My boss told me to work overtime.

 – B: If I _____ you, I _____ my job.

A. were/ would have quit B. am/ will quit
C. was/ must quit D. were/ would quit

5. The world _____ a better place if we reduced pollution.

A. might be B. must be C. may be D. will be

6. “This film is so boring.”  _____ stop watching it?

A. Will we B. Why don’t we C. Must we D. Would we

7. The charity is totally dependent _____ money from the public.

A. from B. in C. upon D. with

8. Of six people in the plane when it crashed, only one _____.

A. existed B. lived C. hurt D. survived

9. She gave him a _____ look. “Are you really sure?” She demanded.

A. challenge B. challenger C. challenged D. challenging

10. if all people _____ the same language, they would have a lot in common.

A. speak B. will speak C. spoke D. had spoken

II. Choose the sentence which is the closest meaning to the sentence above.

1. The man had his dirty car washed at last.

A. The car got dirty last week.
B. The man’s dirty car wasn’t washed at last.
C. The man got dirty when he last washed the car.
D. Someone finally washed the man’s car.

2. In spite of their differences, Jim and John plant to be roommates.

A. Jim and John will be different roommates.
B. Jim and John are too different to be roommates.
C. Jim and John intend to be roommates even though they are different.
D. Jim and John do not like to be roommates because they are different.

3. Were it not for the money, this job wouldn’t be worthwhile.

A. This job is not rewarding at all.
B. This job offers a poor salary.
C. Although the salary is poor, the job is worthwhile.
D. The only thing that makes this job worthwhile is the money.

4. ‘Why don’t we go to Nam Cat Tien National Park?’ she said.

A. She asked why we didn’t go to Nam Cat Tien National Park.
B. She offered to go to Nam Cat Tien National Park.
C. She suggested going to Nam Cat Tien National Park.
D. She advised us to go to Nam Cat Tien National Park.

5. We are planning on spending the weekend in the country as long as the weather stays fine.

A. We are spending the weekend in the country because of the fine weather.
B. If the weather is fine, we’ll spend our weekend in the country.
C. If the weather was fine, we would spend our weekend in the count.
D. We won’t spend the weekend in the country unless the weather is fine.

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