I. Choose the correct answer to fill in each blank.

1. Don’t forget to brush your _____ before going to bed.

A. feet B. teeth C. hands  D. legs

2. It’s _____ to brush your teeth every day.

A. so important B. not important C. unimportant D. importance

3. What do you do _____ your room clean and tidy?

A. keep B. keeping  C. to keep D. B & C

4. The dentist _____ a cavity in my tooth.

A. filled B. made C. stopped D. broke

5. A: What’s _____ matter? 

 – B: I have a headache.

A. some B. a C. an D. the

6. Most children feel _____ when they come to see the dentist.

A. happy  B. sad C. scared D. tired

7. Don’t eat too _____ sweets.

A. much B. many C. lots of D. few

8. Remember _____ your hands before meals.

A. wash B. to wash C. washing  D. B & C

II. Make questions for the underlined words.

1. Luan has a lot of pain now because he has a toothache.


2. I felt tired after playing this game.


3. It took Dr. Thanh twenty minutes to fill Hoa’s tooth.


4. It takes me about 3 kilometers to walk to school.


5. They are going to visit me soon.


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