I. Choose the best answer.

1. _____ air makes human decrease longevity.

A. Pollute B. Pollution C. Polluted D. Polluting

2. She is going to have her phone _____.

A. repairs B. repairing C. to repair D. repaired

3. A new app _____ to your phone right now.

A. is being installed B. is be installed
C. is being installing D. is been installed

4. Try to eliminate fatty foods from your diet.

A. limit B. get rid of C. move D. add 

5. _____ take the train instead of the bus? – It’s faster.

A. How about B. Let’s C. Why don’t D. Why not

6. Modern automobiles now must _____ anti­pollution devices.

A. equip with B. be equipped with
C. equip by D. be equipped

7. The documents have already _____. I put them on your desk.

A. typed B. been typed C. being typed D. typing

8. We were looking for a solution to the _____ of the forest fires.

A. destroy B. destroying C. destroyer D. destruction

9. “Are you still working at the school?” – “Yes, I _____ there since 2001.”

A. have working B. worked
C. have been working D. had been working

10. He is a _____ biologist. He spends all his life studying sea plants and animals.

A. marine B. ocean C. botany D. sea

II. Rewrite the sentences using the given word, beginning as shown.

1. Schools always welcome students.

– Students _______________________.

2. The government is studying the disease carefully.

– The disease _____________________.

3. Did Thomas Edison invent the phonograph in 1877?

– Was the phonograph ____________.

4. When will your company send you the salary?

– When will you ___________________.

5. The students usually hold the concerts at the university.

– The concerts ____________________.

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