I. Choose the best answer.

1. The new high school is divided _____ three grades.

A. in B. into C. for D. about

2. It’s very kind _____ you to help me. Thanks a lot.

A. for B. to C. with D. of

3. Hoang wishes his brother _____ here to help him.

A. is B. were C. will be D. would be

4. A: I can’t come with you.

 – B: We all wish you _____ be here.

A. would B. should C. could D. can

5. Did they _____ work on the farm 3 years ago?

A. use to B. used to C. be used to D. get used to

II. Choose the part that needs correcting.

1. During the event, the rain starting so we had to stop suddenly.

A. During B. starting C. had D. suddenly

2. She use to wear jeans, but she doesn’t now.

A. use B. jeans C. doesn’t D. now

3. I wish they would stop making noise when I was sleeping.

A. wish B. would C. making D. was

4. Huong and me would like to join the Karaoke club.

A. me  B. would C. to D. karaoke

5. This speech consists about three parts: introduction, development and conclusion.

A. This B. about C. parts D. and

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