I. Choose the best answer.

1. I am a new student.

– __________.

A. So am I B. So I am C. So do I D. I am so

2. There is _____ water in the bottle.

A. a lots of B. many C. a lot of D. a lot

3. Which is the family name in “Tran Van Hung”?

A. Tran B. Van C. Hung D. Tran Van

4. My new house is _____ my old house.

A. tall than B. taller than C. taller D. tall

5. _____ does she catch the bus to school?

A. Who B. What C. How often D. Where

II. Read the text and answer the questions below.

Han is a new student in class 7A. She is from Ha Noi. Her parents still live there. They are farmers and they work hard from morning till night. They grow rice, corn, vegetables and they raise cattle and animals. Nga doesn’t live in Ha Noi with her parents. She lives with her Uncle and Aunt in Hue. Every day she walks to school because her house is not far from her school about one km. Her new school is bigger than her old school. Her new school has many students. She is very unhappy because she doesn’t have any friends in Hue and she misses her parents and her friends in Ha Noi.

1. Is Han in grade 6?


2. Where do Hoa’s parents live?


3. Is her mother a farmer?


4. Is it far from her house to her school?


5. What do they grow on the farm?


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